Accident Protection

Life’s an adventure, we don’t always know what’s waiting for us around the corner and unexpected can happen. You deserve the peace of mind that you’ve got things covered financially.

Accident and injury cover provides a fixed amount of money covering a range of accidental injuries. It could be a broken bone, or something that could seriously impact your life, depending on the level of cover.

The flexibility of cover available is one of the major benefits. As is the ability to choose the level of cover that is tailored to your individual requirements and lifestyle; and suits your budget.

Core cover includes broken bones, accidental death and permanent injury, permanent disability, funeral benefits
and UK hospital stays.

Some policies give you optional cover add-ons like protecting your children and active lifestyle cover. Healthcare cover is available for those who may be at particular risk of contracting certain illnesses, such as those who work in the healthcare sector.

With accident cover you can make multiple injury claims and your policy will continue to protect you in the future.

Danestone can help ensure all of your protection needs are covered.

Find out what life may have in store for you

We all hear news of a friend or a relative who

  • is off work for a few months, or
  • has been diagnosed with a serious illness, or
  • has unexpectedly died.

It’s shocking and all the more difficult to imagine it happening to us.

What are your chances?
Are you prepared?

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